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The water soluble sachets
are 100% free
from chemical active ingredients

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High performance concentrates,
environmentally friendly
and designed to ensure
ease of use.

On the road
with Flow

Discover the line of products
designed for your motorhome trips
and leisure

Each product in the Flow line has been specially formulated to ensure maximum respect for the environment and maximum efficiency in terms of cleanliness and hygiene in campers and outdoor holiday places without compromising quality and safety.

Linea Flow

Travel with no worries with Flow,
the line of cleaning and maintenance products for your camper.

The complete range of Flow cleaning and maintenance products for motorhomes, caravans and leisure vehicles includes detergents, surface protection and care products, disinfection products and DIY products. Enter and discover our entire range.

All Flow Line products are useful for cleaning and maintaining:

The Flow brand is enriched and presents the new line of high-performance concentrates, environmentally friendly and with a bottle designed specifically to ensure the convenience of use.
Flow concentrates significantly reduce the space inside the vehicle and, thanks to the precise dosing system, eliminate product waste, ensuring both a saving for the user and a low environmental impact.

The products of the Flow Kem line have been designed to allow the proper functioning of the waste water tank. They guarantee high disintegrating power, protection from odors and fresh scents. They are available in the classic version, concentrated, sachets and green sachets.

The products of the Flow Freshener line are specific to the grey water discharge tank. They avoid bacteria proliferation and bad odours. They are available in the classic or concentrated version.

The products of the Flow Rinse line are dedicated to enrich the water of the toilet. They sanitize and perfume every use. They are available in the classic or concentrated version.

The Flow line is completed with a wide range of products to manage the needs of outdoor tourism at 360 degrees. In the category “hygiene and cleaning” we find the FOAM FREE the detergent without foam for dishes, the CLEAN BATH detergent specific for the bathroom in spray, the products for outdoor washing of campers and caravans and many others.


Freedom on the road with Ecolkem Flow products.

Ecolkem is an excellent example of innovation and dedication to consumer needs in the “leisure” sector. In 2003, we developed Flow, a line of high-quality, environmentally friendly chemicals for consumer leisure activities.