Linea Flow

Travel without worries with Flow

Disruptive liquid for the black water WC

Added to the waste tank, disrupts organic waste and toilet paper. It prevents unpleasant smells, reduces gas build-up and keeps your tank clean.

Directions for use:

Dose 150 ml of Flow Kem per 20 liters of the waste holding tank. For the portable toilet add 2 liters of water, for the tank toilet add 3 liters of water.


Strong disintegrating power

Reduces gas build-up and keeps the tank clean

Eliminates odors

ISO 8317 - Child-resistant packaging

Ergonomic handle

Bottle with graduated scale

Technical specifications



Disruptive liquid for the black water WC

Flow Kem1LLemonFLOKEM001LL
Flow Kem1LPinoFLOKEM001LP
Flow Kem2LLemonFLOKEM002LL
Flow Kem2LPinoFLOKEM002LP
Flow Kem30LLemonFLOKEM030LL
Flow Kem30LPinoFLOKEM030LP
Flow Kem5LLemonFLOKEM005LL
Flow Kem5LPinoFLOKEM005LP

Video tutorial

Flow Kem

Ready-to-use disintegrating liquid for the black water tank available in pine and lemon fragrances.