Linea Flow

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Sanitizing liquid for the flush water

Additive for portable toilet flush water. Keeps water clean by improving the flushing performance. Its use leaves a protective layer on the cup improving hygiene and avoiding the formation of limestone. Suitable for both plastic and ceramic pots.

Directions for use:

Dose 100 ml of Flow Rinse per 15 liters of the holding container. Add Flow Rinse into the container before filled it up.


Improves flushing performance

Improves toilet bowl hygiene

Contains eco-friendly antifreeze

ISO 8317 - Child-resistant packaging

Ergonomic handle

Bottle with graduated scale

Technical specifications



Sanitizing liquid for the flush water

Flow Rinse1LLemonFLORIN001LL
Flow Rinse1LPinoFLORIN001LP
Flow Rinse2LLemonFLORIN002LL
Flow Rinse2LPinoFLORIN002LP

Video tutorial

Flow Rinse

Specific additive for the flush water, sanitizes and improves the performance of the flush. Available in lemon and pine fragrances.