Flow, a family story.

Ecolkem, the company
specializing in products
for care campers.


Ecolkem s.p.a. was founded in 1993 by the intuition of its founder Domenico Brunazzetto, who in a few years managed to transform a small artisan reality into a chemical industry producing internationally known brands.


The will to grow and the continuous orientation to the improvement have allowed Ecolkem to become a reference point in many sectors and to conquer a leading role in the reference markets.

The Flow brand has been part of the Ecolkem universe for twenty years and has always been the subject of investment by the property.
The Flow Line is now appreciated by retailers and users across Europe for the quality of products, attractive design and constant attention to sustainability. In order to continue along this path, recent research has focused on reducing water waste and the use of plastic, thus developing a complete line of high-quality and increasingly environmentally friendly concentrates.