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Absorbs all kind of annoying smell

Highly effective, fast-acting and long-lasting ready-to-use product based on zinc salt. It is an odor absorber with a wide spectrum of action, does not stain and leaves a slight crystalline residue after drying, which is reactivated by moisture. This allows the pre-impregnation of solid surfaces or substances against bad odors. Removes unpleasant odors such as cigarette smoke, sweat, pet odor, etc..

Directions for use:

Spray the product directly on the surface or in the room to be deodorized.
N.B. The product is concentrated, when a strong odor absorbing action is not required it can be diluted to 50% with water.


Ready to use

Does not stain

Absorbs all unpleasant odors

Fast and long-lasting action•

Broad spectrum of action

Built-in ergonomic sprayer

Technical specifications



Absorbs all kind of annoying smell

Assorbi Odore500 mlASSODO500M

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Assorbi Odore

Ready-to-use odor-absorbing spray with long-lasting results.