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Concentrated degreasing liquid for gray water tank

Concentrated, powerful and effective degreasing liquid for the prevention of unpleasant smells inside the gray water tank. It reduces the formation of encrustations in the tank which remain perfumed for longer avoiding unpleasant odours.

Directions for use:

Use at each emptying of the gray water tank. Add Flow Freshener Concentrated directly into the sink or shower drain and rinse with fresh water. Expected dose for a gray water tank with a capacity of 100 liters.


Super concentrated


Built-in dispenser

Reduces the formation of scale

Prevents bad odors

ISO 8317 - Child-resistant packaging

Technical specifications



Concentrated degreasing liquid for gray water tank

Flow Freshener Concentrated Lemon800 mlLemonFLOFREC800LE
Flow Freshener Concentrated Fresh Flowered800 mlFresh FloweredFLOFREC800FF

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Flow Freshener Concentrated

Concentrated degreasing liquid specific for the grey water tank of campers and caravans available in the fragrance of lemon and fresh flower.